American History

  • The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century by Danzer, Krieger, Wilson and Woloch. A classic high school textbook on American history from 1763 to present. It’s all here: colonies, revolution, the Constitution, Civil War, immigrants, World Wars I and II, the Great Depression, the 50s, 60’s  and 70’s to the present. No genealogist (professional or hobbyist) should be without a comprehensive, easy-to follow American history book like this one. (Thanks, Meg, for not selling this back to the bookstore in high school!)
  • Children’s Encyclopedia of American History by David C. King.  “Children’s” and “Encyclopedia” and  are the key words here. This  colorful publication that’s easy on the eyes is produced by the Smithsonian Institution and children’s publisher Dorling Kindersley. It’s loaded with sketches, photos, maps, charts and timelines that touch on key events in American history.  Short on details but great for an overview or summary of  particular historical events.  (Who says adults can’t enjoy a beautifully produced book for children as much as their kids or grandkids do?)

Copyright © 2011 Patricia Desmond Biallas

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