Writing, Editing & Proofreading

Are you a business or individual in need of research, writing, editing or proofreading?

Whether it’s original research or writing for a major project, an article for your publication, a re-write of an old brochure to freshen up some time-worn copy, or just a little light editing and proofreading from a new set of eyes, I can help.

This award-winning writer, editor, researcher, genealogist, and personal historian will put her  30 years of experience as a magazine editor, feature writer, newspaper columnist, and public relations professional to work for you.

I’ll get your writing, editing or proofreading project off  your plate, onto mine, and out the door–so  you can focus on other demanding deadlines begging for attention. Fees vary depending on services rendered and scope of project.

Click here for an overview of my Professional Background or Contact me to request my professional resume.

I look forward to learning about your project requirements and talking with you about how I can help you meet them–professionally and on time.




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