Really? There’s a National Siblings Day?!

I just noted on Facebook via my friend Jana Last, that today, April 10, is National Siblings Day.

Who knew?!

Jana learned about it herself via Facebook and reposted it there.  I had to find out more so I “googled” the term.  That led me to this site for the Siblings Day Foundation. There, I read that the SDF is a public, non-profit charity “devoted to establishing National Siblings Day for the benefit of our families, our communities and our nation.”

Its  goal is to make it a federally recognized day, like Mother’s and Father’s Days. It also led me to this article that ran in the International Business Times a couple of years ago. For all the facts on National Siblings day, click here.

In the meantime, a salute to my 7 siblings–Barbara, Diane, Dorothy, Colleen, Gerry, Brian and Vinnie–from  your kid sister, Patti. These four images–the  only ones I’m aware of with all of us together–were taken over the last 59 years:


1956: A more formal pose of the eight Desmond siblings and their parents just prior to Diane's departure to join the convent.

1983: The Desmond sibs gathered for my wedding day August 20, 1983.


Officially recognized yet, or not: Happy Siblings Day, to one and all!


Note:  This post was originally published on GeneaJourneys April 10, 2014. There are now just seven of us Desmond siblings as we lost our brother Gerry in January. You’ll always be in our hearts though, Ger.

Copyright © 2017 Patricia Desmond Biallas

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5 Responses to Really? There’s a National Siblings Day?!

  1. Karen McHenry says:

    Wow! And that’s my grandma in the middle, top photo and my mom at the back of the porch, on the left 🙂

  2. says:

    Love the post! Meghan looks just like you in the pics when you were a little girl…

  3. Debi Austen says:

    I have two siblings and it’s hard enough to get just three of us together – I can’t imagine trying to get eight people in the same place at the same time.

    • Debi, my oldest sister and I are 17 years apart. I was 3 when she got married and left home. And the others followed one at a time shortly thereafter. I realized many years ago that all 10 of us (parents and kids) probably never went anywhere together as we only had one car and there were no vans back then!

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