Westmont’s Finest Saves the Day

Many moons ago (over twenty years worth to be exact), I wrote a weekly column entitled “That’s Life” for my local newspaper, the Westmont Progress.  Typical topics included bake sales, blood drives and community events. On occasion though, I’d write a little “slice of life” piece recounting my adventures as a stay-at-home mom with two toddlers in tow.

Here’s one about a little adventure my daughters and I remember all too well. A reminder that genealogy isn’t just about collecting names, dates and chronological facts.  It’s also about saving and savoring family stories, for its the stories that bring our ancestors (and in this case, our descendants) to life–even if it’s only been a couple of decades since the events in those stories took place.


Westmonts Finest Copyright © 1995, by Patricia Desmond Biallas, Progress-Reporter Publications, Downers Grove, Illinois.

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4 Responses to Westmont’s Finest Saves the Day

  1. Vincent desmond says:

    Good stuff! Twenty years. Do the girls remember this adventure?

  2. esc1252@comcast.net says:


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