Hallowed Ground

(Originally written October 26, 2011. Reposted today in honor of Memorial Day.)

Many times over the years, I’ve struggled as a professional writer to find just the right headline, just the right lead, just the right caption, just the right word.

Sometimes when that happens though, I have a mini-revelation. And that’s when I tell myself “STOP, back off,  put that thesaurus aside.”

Because every once in awhile I realize I don’t need many words to tell my story.

And that is the case today.

Following are some of my favorite photos taken a few weeks ago at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA.

I post them in honor of all veterans, known and unknown, who gave their lives for our country: veterans who are buried at Arlington and other cemeteries across this land–in  graves both marked and unmarked.

Today we remember and honor you all….

(Click  photos below to see full size.)


Copyright © 2011 Patricia Desmond Biallas  and Meghan M. Biallas

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4 Responses to Hallowed Ground

  1. Lorene Cook says:

    Well “said”.

  2. Phyllis Lamontagne says:

    A few years ago my husband and I went to D.C. for the second time, not long after the completion of the WWII Memorial. Vans of veterans arrived regularly, a few walking, most in wheelchairs. Many cried as they relived the horrors of battle. Roger and I were fortunate to be able to talk to some of these men who were willing to share some very searing experiences. I walked away with tears in my eyes, so thankful for the sacrifices of these courageous men, many of whom are now buried in that ‘hallowed ground’.

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