Happy Birthday, Dorothy Donar!

1923_001This little flapper look-a-like is my mom, Dorothy May Donar, age 12 (c. 1923) who, if she were still among us, would have  103 candles on her birthday cake today!

Oh, the headlines she must have read in those days about  gangsters, prohibition and Al Capone who shared the city streets with her!

Not sure who the pup/kitten is that she’s holding, but the location is most likely the backyard of the Donar residence at 3034 Wilton Avenue, on Chicago’s near north side.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, Dorothy Donar!

  1. Lorene says:

    I always regretted never knowing her. Not sure if I ever knew that Daniel shares her birthday. He was 12 years old today..

    • Really! So Dorothy’s great-grandson was born on her own birthday. So cool, considering he has so much interest in Family History! And yes, Lorene, I’m sorry too you never got to meet your mom-in-law. I think you both would have liked each other very much. P.

  2. Phyllis Lamontagne says:

    My mother was just a few years older than your mom. She had the same hairdo with a headband like that, but being an eighteen year-old in 1923, she was a little more risqué, with the flapper dresses (a little décolletage,’sil vous plait,!) and long beads.

    Way back in the 50’s, she taught me how to dance the “Charleston”, a very strange knee-twisting exercise that I was somehow able to do back then. Now my forty year-old daughter wants to learn it – and guess what? My old knees don’t remember, even though my head does!

    I love your posts, Patricia! They bring back the neatest memories!!

    • Thanks Phyllis ~

      Here’s a little treat for you and your daughter when you’re ready to have a go at “The Charleston” again. I got the link from You Tube. You can search for more videos there as well when you’re ready to put on your dancin’ shoes. Enjoy!

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