Irish, are ye? A coup’la book recommendations for ye, then…

Angelas AshesOne author:  Frank McCourt.

Two books: Angela’s Ashes and ‘Tis

Just finished back-to-back readings of these two spell-binding, Pulitzer Prize winning, bestselling memoirs of this Irish-American who left the lanes of Limerick for the big city sidewalks of New York City in the mid-1900’s.

Sad? Incredibly.

Humorous? Hilarious!

Worth Reading? Absolutely.

One Word Review?  Phenomenol!

Click on the links above for full descriptions and reviews by both professional book reviewers and everyday readers like yourself. You won’t be disappointed…Guaranteed.

Oh, and a Happy St. Paddy’s Day to ye all!


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2 Responses to Irish, are ye? A coup’la book recommendations for ye, then…

  1. Phyllis Lamontagne says:

    Frank McCourt is one of my favorite authors, and “Angela’s Ashes” is a beautiful, moving book. The prose has a lyrical quality to it, and even though the story itself is so sad, McCourt somehow elevates it through his style to, what I would call “a thing of Beauty’. I also loved his second book, ‘Tis’ because as a former high school teacher, I could identify with many of his struggles. Malachy McCourt, Frank’s brother, has written his own story, “A Monk Swimming.” (The title comes from a child’s version of the Hail Mary: “…Blessed are thou, AMONGST WOMEN…”) It’s good, but Malachy doesn’t have the talent that his brother has. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved Frank McCourt’s books (and I’m not even Irish!)

    • Phyllis, you did a far better job than I did of reviewing these wonderful books (especially from your standpoint as a former high school teacher)! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and for following me on GeneaJourneys.

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