Oh, Those Odd Obituaries!

In an effort to complete my collection of obituary notices for a few members of my family tree, I came across a few doozies that I just had to share. Grandma Nellie Desmond who died in 1953 actually had a lovely write-up in the Chicago Tribune. Take a look:

Nellie Obit 4

Cut, saved and filed away, I was about to close my browser when I saw this double delight opposite Grandma Desmond’s obituary on the next page:

Scaled ImageMy most disturbing find however, was this little ditty from 1906 found in a northern New York newspaper for Mary Desmond, a woman with the same name as my own great-grandmother. Ever so grateful this poor woman was NOT my ancestor. (You may want to enlarge this page for better readability.)

Scaled Image 1

Please excuse me now, as I head off to do a little searching for some perky baby announcements.

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2 Responses to Oh, Those Odd Obituaries!

  1. Lorene says:

    1953. Doesn’t Nellie’s obit erase a goodly number of grandchildren from her life?

    • If there’s one thing I’ve learned about genealogy research, it’s this: just because something appears in the newspaper doesn’t mean that it’s correct! As you well know, her son Gerald (my father), provided Nellie with 8 grandchildren and there were at least 9 more grandkids produced by her other 4 children! Nellie also had 7 siblings though, it appears from her obituary (perhaps correctly), that only one outlived her.

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