A Summer Fair, circa 1903

In doing a little newspaper sleuthing today on a distant relative, I came across this bit which appeared in the column at the bottom of her obituary notice. Far more interesting than what I was looking for:

Thursday, September 10, 1903

The Ogdensburg Advance, Ogdensburg, NY

Ellen Desmond Obit

I guess some things never change, despite the passage of time!


Copyright © 2013 Patricia Desmond Biallas

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4 Responses to A Summer Fair, circa 1903

  1. Jim Fertig says:

    This raises the question of why. Perhaps there were crops to be brought in, or tragedy that the community was dealing with. Was there a strong temperance league coming into play? Maybe the author arrived and left before the drinkers had there (over)fill. Still, it makes for a creative inquiry.

    • Good questions, Jim. I think the author was just expressing his pleasant surprise ~ whatever the reasons were! (Makes you kind of wonder about just how wild things were at the fair in previous years though, doesn’t it?!)

  2. tdv31@aol.com says:

    Never saw drunks at the Michigan State Fair in Detroit, but usually went in the daytime. Some things don’t change.

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