Like Father (Grandfather), Like Son (Dad)

On this date over a century ago, April 1, 1909,  my father, Gerald Joseph Desmond, was born in Chicago, IL.  And that’s no April Fool’s joke!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Gerald Joseph Desmond
April 1, 1909 – December 7, 1979
(photo taken 1978)

It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the (family) tree either as you compare the photo of him  in his old age (above) to the photos of his own father, Owen E. Desmond (below) taken in the early 1940s at about the same age.

Hmmm..I wonder what my brothers will look like in a decade or two?!

Owen E. Desmond
January 19, 1861 – August 6, 1953
(photo taken in the 1930s)

Owen E. Desmond
January 19, 1861 – August 6, 1953
(photo taken in the 1930s)


Copyright © 2012 Patricia Desmond Biallas


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8 Responses to Like Father (Grandfather), Like Son (Dad)

  1. P J Sabados says:

    Very nice photos! You can see the family resemblance!

    • Thanks P.J. It means something to have a non-family member notice the resemblance. (Sometimes I think I’m too close to what I’m writing about to be objective!) I actually made a similar discovery a few weeks ago. To read about that one see this post:

      • P J Sabados says:

        I had read that post a while ago, and I had to laugh because my husband and I have a similar frame that has been awaiting family photos. If I can get a copy of it, I would love to post one of my senior high school photo side by side with my mother’s. The resemblance at that age is pretty amazing. But, my baby picture bears more of a resemblance to my father. My mother gave me pictures of my father’s grandparents, and there is such an amazing resemblance to some of my cousins on that side of the family that you would think they had gone to one of those shops where they dress you in vintage clothing to photograph you.

  2. Meg Biallas says:

    Love this classic shot of Grandpa!

  3. Lorene says:

    Great photos!

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