It’s Official!

Next task:  Applying to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs for a long overdue tombstone for  Great-grandfather William Donar.  He served in the Union Army from May 31, 1862 to September 8, 1862 with the New York Infantry’s 25th Regiment, Company “C”. He’s buried in an unmarked grave in Calvary Cemetery, in Evanston, IL.


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5 Responses to It’s Official!

  1. Lorene says:

    That took awhile! glad you are in. How long do you expect this tombstone project to take?
    Also, now Daniel could apply based on your documentation?

    • It did take awhile to get all my proof together, copies made, apps filled out, signed and submitted. Then it takes the organization awhile to verify all of it, approve it and officially accept the applicant as a member. Sure is worth it though!

      As for the tombstone project: I am filling out the government form today and gathering up all the docs/proofs they need. Talked to the cemetery yesterday. Hoping to get it out the door next week. If all goes well, it might take about 2-3 months for an engraved stone to be delivered to the cemetery. I will keep you all posted along the way.

      As for Daniel and any other descendants who would want to apply for membership in heritage societies based on William Donar and Edward Kennedy, the answer is “yes” — all of my documentation can be used as the basis for theirs. I can provide you with copies of pertinent docs related to Donar and Kennedy through GJD and DMD. Keep in mind that for Daniel (and/or his brothers) he/they would also have to have documentation (birth/marriage/death records) that proves his descendancy from those men via his grandfather, Brian. This means birth certificates for Brian, Lorene, Patrick, Jeri and Daniel, and marriage certificates for Brian & Lorene and for Pat & Jeri. Give me a call so we can discuss further. Meantime, I’ll see what I can start collecting for you!

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  3. Hello Pat – I am curious to hear how your tombstone request was handled, both by Veterans Affairs and then eventually by the cemetery staff. I am planning to request a tombstone for my Civil War Union ancestor, but am concerned that it will be a complicated project getting all of the various pieces to fit together. Any tips you have from your experience would be much appreciated. Also, did you arrange a special ceremony at your ancestor’s grave for the placement of the tombstone (through the DUVCW or SUVCW or other)? I look forward to hearing the conclusion to your project. It is always good to learn that another Union soldier will be honored and remembered properly.

    • Hi Lisa ~

      Thanks for asking. Short answer is, no, it wasn’t that complicated to obtain a stone from the Department of Veterans Affairs. As for arranging a special ceremony–that will occur October 12th when my NSDU chapter holds a simple graveside ceremony for Great Grandpa William Donar. Not sure yet whether or not it will also involve members of the SUVCW…still working on our plans.

      In the meantime, you can read the conclusion to the headstone story in my November 11, 2012 post entitled “More than a Century Later, Civil War Soldier is Honored at Last”: If you have further questions after reading that, please contact me again via the contact tab above.

      Thanks for following me on GeneaJourneys.

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