The Day Past Thanksgiving

Originally published  November 24,  1994  for “That’s Life,” a  weekly column I wrote for the Westmont Progress community newspaper. That year my modest home was the gathering place for the Desmond siblings and their respective families, 26 family members in all.


Copyright © 2011 Patricia Desmond Biallas

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4 Responses to The Day Past Thanksgiving

  1. Laura Cousino says:

    Very nice, Pat…I love the poem about the day past Thanksgiving, I should send it to my sis, Lisa, who hosted all of us at her house yesterday…….
    also liked the photos you sent of that past Thanksgiving–what a nice idea to send those memories
    to your family!


  2. Laura ~ you could also just send your sisters the link to my blog–they might get a kick out of it! P.

  3. Jennifer Holik-Urban, Professional Genealogist says:

    Great post Pat!

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