Hallowed Ground

Many, many times over the years, I’ve struggled as a professional writer to find just the right headline, just the right lead, just the right caption, just the right word.

Sometimes when that happens though, I have a mini-revelation. And that’s when I tell myself “back off, STOP, put that thesaurus aside.”

Because every once in awhile I realize I don’t need many words to tell my story.

And that is the case today.

Following are some of my favorite photos taken a few weeks ago at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA.

I post them in honor of all veterans, known and unknown, who gave their lives for our country who are buried at Arlington and other cemeteries across this land; in graves that are marked or unmarked.

We remember….

(Click  photos below to see full size.)


Copyright © 2011 Patricia Desmond Biallas  and Meghan M. Biallas

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3 Responses to Hallowed Ground

  1. I’ve been honored enough to be able to attend Veteran’s Day ceremonies twice at Arlington. Such a beautiful place. Thank for sharing these photographs.

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